Eco Camp

 Why Jungle Park is an Eco Camp ???

The camp is an environmental centre who organize cultural meeting.

The camp organize environmental and sporty meeting beetwin teachers, farmers, tourists and village’s people

 – The gardens Eco Senteurs are visual test zone to the environmental education.

 – The replanting gardens  are organize by local’s people and the trees are for communautary replanting.

  -The garden of medicinal plants is use for the environmental education

  – The torttles and butterflys are for sensibilisation and conservation of the Malagasy bio diversity.

– The camp use solar energy

– The toilets are dry and selective !

 – The showers only with biologic soap.

 – The camp organize meeting for replanting’s sensibilisation

  • -Now the project is to build only with ground (Jungle Lodge)

– The camp build school and participe to the teacher’s salary.

 – We want to keep malagasy’s traditions and share it with everyone