Rock Climbing

Here is the paradis for Climbing ! You now enter the Parrot Valley !


This is Natural Malagasy Park (Entry 3€/pers/day)

parrot valley7A+

The place has long been a secret place and we have made our best so that climbers do not spoil everything !

CLIMBING follows strict rules in the valley

Free Camping is forbidden ! (Malagasy Natural Park)


Magic Wood Sector : 15 exceptionnal routes to 6a to 7a

 Parrot Sector : 15 routes to 5b to 7a+

 Bloc Age sector : 15 incredible routes to 6a to 7c

 Tsac Tsac Sector : 15 intitiation routes to 5a to 6a+

Omby Lay Sector : 5 difficult routes to 7a to 8b+

Baby Bloc Age Sector : 4 funny routes to 6a to 6c

 Dyno Zore Sector : Only 2 routes for now to 6c to 8a+

Black Jack Canyon : 4 routes to 7a+ to 8a+ (close for now)

Sakalava Sector : In preparation


   Possibility to Climb to March to december after to much hot ! The weather is perfet between this period ! A lot of wind !


Climbing book in the camp

Rope of 70 meters necessary, 12 quick-drow, helmet is very advice


First rock climbing sector at 15 minutes of the camp !

  Opening of rock climbing routes follows strict rules in the valley, the equiments must be in Inox Marin Steel A316 L  just in glueing, the normal inox doesn’t good with the marine corrosion !


One Week is nice to profite of all rock climbing routes.

You climb in the fantastic ambiance with the lemurs in the middle of giant baobab trees !

The Climbing routes in the ”Montagne Des Francais” are very bad, and the climbing is Dangerous ! The tourism board of Diego Suarez decided to close this sectors at the West part of this area.

But in the parrot’s valley all routes are good !

More information contact us !

dyno zore

Lorane the climbing instructor on the Jungle Camp (July/August)


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