Rock Climbing


Here is the paradis for Climbing ! You now enter the Parrot Valley !


This is Natural Malagasy Park (Entry 5€/pers/day)


The Lodge is at 20 mn of the Climbing sectors to walking in the magic forest !

parrot valley

The place has long been a secret place and we have made our best so that climbers do not spoil everything !

CLIMBING follows strict rules in the valley

Free Camping is forbidden ! (Malagasy Natural Park)

gildaMagic Wood Sector : 15 exceptionnal routes to 6a to 7a

 Parrot Sector : 15 routes to 5b to 7a+

 Bloc Age sector : 15 incredible routes to 6a to 7c

De la Croix Sector : 12 Magicals routes to 5c to 6c

 Tsac Tsac Sector : 15 intitiation routes to 5a to 6a+

 Omby Lay Sector : 5 difficult routes to 7a to 8b+

Baby Bloc Age Sector : 4 funny routes to 6a to 6c

 Dyno Zore Sector : Only 2 routes for now to 6c to 8a+

Black Jack Canyon : 4 routes to 7a+ to 8a+ (close for now)

Sakalava Sector : In preparation


   Possibility to Climb to March to december after to much hot ! The weather is perfet between this period ! A lot of wind !


Climbing book in the camp

Rope of 70 meters necessary (80 m to the De la Croix Sector), 12 quick-drow, helmet is very advice


First rock climbing sector at 15 minutes of the camp !

  Opening of rock climbing routes follows strict rules in the valley, the equiments must be in Inox Marin Steel A316 L  just in glueing, the normal inox doesn’t good with the marine corrosion !

One Week is nice to profite of all rock climbing routes.

You climb in the fantastic ambiance with the lemurs in the middle of giant baobab trees !7A+

The Climbing routes in the ”Montagne Des Francais” are very bad, and the climbing is Dangerous ! The tourism board of Diego Suarez decided to close this sectors at the West part of this area. And this the Same on the Nosy Hara Archipelago, not  climb on this spot  there is no rescue !

But in the parrot’s valley all routes are good !

 More information contact us !

dyno zore



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