Accro Park

Inside Jungle Park, the Accro Park is located next to the camp. It is composed of ten progressive work shops to discover playfully environment and the practise of a sport open to everyone !

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The first adventure park on wires in Madagascar !

  Accro2 parcours

echelle park
Different difficulties :

-Microcebus track (initiation/child) 6 workshop + Zipline

-Coronatuus track (perf/teenagers) 10 workshop + Zipline

-Aye Aye (strong/adult) 15 workshop + Zipline

and to finish the ZIP LINE of fosas (200 meters of sensation !)


The Accro Park is the support of environmental education with the children

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The Fun to slide on the Mango tree on the Jungle Park Adventure !

The Accro Park is on the wires 10/12mm with sheat with European standard.

Obligatory reservation.