Jungle Park


Jungle Park is inscribed in a perspective of sustainable development linked to sporty, thoughtful and responsible program of eco-tourism.

The camp is a  humanitarian and scientific tourism centre located at the very opening of a world of adventure in the natural park of “Ambohitra Antsingy”,  at the heart of “La vallée des perroquets” (Parrot Valley).

This camp is also an interpretation centre for environment : here we work with local communities for the management of seedbeds, community kitchen gardens,  reforestation, irrigation, schooling…

The accomodation is located in a unique environment, in the trees, above the river, with a view on the Natural Park of “La Montagne des Français” (Mountain of the French) which is a historical place where you can also rest, watch and experience new adventures!!!

Our passion is environment so we live in the forest to protect it and watch it as best as we can.

We have built dry restrooms, organic showers and kitchens, solar lightning and ovens…

resto      reston
This place is an incredible starting point to a huge variety of activities as well as a world-famous spot for climbing, trekking, moutainboarding, bird-watching etc.

Just experience here the jungle in a different way.

We also evolve here in a forest of unusual dimensions where the endemic rate is more than 90 percent. Just follow the guide…

Office Régional du Tourisme Diego Suarez
The Camp will be closed during the rain saison to 20th december to 1 march